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SENIORS 65+  10% Off with Valid ID

MILITARY, POLICE, FIRE  20% Off with Valid ID (Active Duty, Retired and Reserves)

Please limit one discount per customer.

24-HOUR PET SITTING (7am-7am)

$60/day for up to two pets

$10/day for each additional pet

Includes a 15 minute walk.  Additional 30-45 minute walks are provided as needed for $20 each.

A Pet Tech trained exam will be conducted at least once each day.  Dogs will be taken outside regularly to relieve themselves as needed and/or cat litter boxes emptied daily.   Bird Aviaries will be cleaned, old food removed and fresh prepped food provided.  All food and water bowls will be cleaned before each meal.  Pets will not be left alone for more than 4 hours maximum.

A secure presence will be demonstrated throughout your absence. Mail and newspapers will be collected daily. Trash will be gathered daily and removed promptly each week for collection. Linens used during your absence will be laundered, and any areas occupied during your absence will be cleaned prior to your return. We provide our own food and toiletries.

Important Note:  We strive to give each client a full 24-hours for each service day purchased.  However, if your 24-hour service period is broken up over two days in such a way that we are unable to provide full-time service to any other clients on either day, we will charge for two full days.  We will always attempt to book our services in such a way that each client receives the best value.

OVERNIGHTS (9pm-6am)



$25 per visit up to 6 pets  (30-60 minutes)

If you’d just like us to check in on your fur and feather babies while you’re gone, we can set up a schedule for feeding, potty breaks and playtime. We’ll wash food bowls, provide fresh food and water, and make sure they get the necessary medications or supplements. We’ll make sure aviaries are clean and litter boxes don’t get stinky.


$20 for a 30-45 minute walk/hike for up to 2 dogs

$15 for each additional dog


$5/insulin shot (plus the cost of insulin and syringes)

$20 for dispensing IV fluids (plus the cost of IV kit and meds)

One time set-up fee $40 for zoonotic viruses.  We provide our own Pet First Aid Kit, portable IV stand, disposable gloves, booties, gowns, and bleach, if necessary.  Additional fees may apply if we secure IV kit and meds on your behalf.





Providing pet care is our highest priority.  Plant care may be added at the pet sitters discretion for a fee.  Daily plant watering can be added to your pet sitting package for indoor and outdoor plants and/or extensive outdoor gardens.


$25 roundtrip for up to three people (Colorado Springs Airport)



We will answer your home phone as often as possible and take messages.  Limited information about your travel plans will be provided to callers, as appropriate.  Missed calls will be retrieved daily from an answering machine.  A summary report of all correspondence will be provided via email, if desired.

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